Within the spectrum of social responsibility, the GRis Festival undertakes the organization and implementation of activities and events with the aim of informing and raising awareness regarding issues, challenges and problems of global interest. 

SRis is part of our philosophy and the cultural, educational and social actions towards this direction are aimed at this very development, social awareness and progress in an international context.

The festival is characterized by its human-centered philosophy with the aim of raising awareness and encouraging respect, solidarity, development, artistic expression, understanding, cooperation while at the same time promoting key concepts for the development of every society and culture in all levels, in business, education, culture. These concern the basic principles of cooperation, communication, critical thinking, and creativity.

Let’s Go Short - Greek Short Films

In the same context, a speech is also made in collaboration with the KAPODISTRIAN University at the start of the event related to a marathon of short films that will be organized as part of the GRis Festival New York April 2024, in collaboration with Queens College of New York, with the aim of highlighting the transfer of ancient myths to the modern age through the prism of the seventh art.

My Attention Is Not For Free - Photography

Under the same respects, the photo exhibition held as part of our Festival, under the title “My Attention Is Not For Free”, expresses the vision and the goal of the internationally renowned artist Mr. Alexandros Lambrovassilis, and the organizers of the GRis Festival to collaborate with scientific health agencies, contributing to informing and raising awareness in matters concerning  the relationship between photography, health, and media addiction.