ANGELUS/LEGATUS is an effort to gain back the sense of lost hope.

The angels are an archetype symbol, an eternal source of inspiration due to their dual identity. Sometimes we feel them, sometimes we see them, sometimes we sense their presence, other times we do not perceive their existence, but yet we believe in them...

Visually the choreography was inspired by the Angels of Giannis Moralis - one of the greatest Greek Painters/sculptors of the 20th century. The angels represented in his paintings and sculptures have a very distinct shape and form, similar to the shapes and forms used in the choreographic work. It was also inspired by the murals of La Cappella Sistina (the Sixteenth Chapel at the Vatican in Rome) and the Angels of Michelangelo.

These angels call upon us, they shout almost violently to wake us up from our lethargic sloth, to push us into action.

Choreography: Penny Diamantopoulo

ARTHROSIS Dance Company

Alexander Stavropoulos
Michael Kriempardis
Anastasios Pappas-Petridis
Nikos Grigoriadis
Ilias Bageorge
Nikolas Chatzivasileiadis

Music: P.I.Tchaikovsky, Arvo Pärt

Text: Nikos Kazantzakis