Grey River and the Smoky Mountain is a folk band based in Athens, Greece. Their style is described as Americana, blending various American, Irish and European folk elements and genres including bluegrass, folk, country and blues.

They have been performing in various venues and festivals throughout Greece and shared the stage with various bands. In 2016 along with fellow musicians, they created the 1st Folk Acoustic Festival in Athens, “Caravan Sessions”. They have also performed in festivals such as the “Prairie & Rust Fest”, the “7th Music Highway Festival” and “Let it Beer Festival” and in 2019 they performed live on the TV show “Radio Arvyla”.

In March 2016, they released their first EP entitled ‘Something’s Wrong’ while in December 2017 and February 2020 they released ‘Captain Death’ debut LP and “Live to tell the tale” 2nd LP with Ikaros Records. Their 3rd album is to be released in 2023.

In addition to the long-awaited release of the third Full Album, Grey River & The Smoky Mountain are currently experimenting with Greek songs, aiming at highlighting and promoting the diversity and role of Greek music as a meeting point with Bluegrass, Americana and Folk music while creating new musical landscapes as common places of communication and coexistence with American and Greek roots, experiences and memories as dominant elements.

Grey River & The Smoky Mountain:

Rena Papageorgiou (vocals/mandolin)

Sarantos Goumakos (vocals/guitar)

Tasos Gousetis (fiddle)

Meletis Pogas (banjo)

Yiannis Voutsinas (double bass)