“I can’t remember what I was first, a money box or a giraffe. People keep feeding me coins that i never seem to be able to digest. My nights are full of dreams. Sometimes I become a cuddly toy and someone puts their arms around me. Sometimes I’m in the forest, running amidst high treetops.”

A money box in the shape of a giraffe changes hands and becomes alive in the minds of its different owners. Without it, a little boy would lose its only friend and, later on, a lover of the sky would never reach so high. Blending the animate with the inanimate, the story explores the life which exists in every object that carries emotions and sentiments. Through their relationship with the giraffe, our main characters connect with their ability to love, to befriend and dream on…

Hop Signor Puppet Theater was founded by Evgenia Tsichlia and ThanosSioris. The artists use minimal scenic elements that leave space for the exploration of movement. Their stories are inspired by places, objects and people. They are funny stories, moving stories, stories that invite you to complete them with your own imagination and sentiments.

Hop Signor Puppet Theatre: Evgenia Tsichlia, ThanosSioris