Sofia Vembo was a leading Greek singer and actress active from the interwar period to the early postwar years and the 1950s. She became best known for her performance of patriotic songs during the Greco-Italian War.

The breathtaking life of Sofia Vembo, the known and unknown aspects of her career, her personal sensitivities, historical reflections, her romantic escapades, and narrations that touch upon events that are not always what they seem, unfold in the musical theater production "SOFIA VEMBO, I REMEMBER YOU."

Sofia Vembo, at the peak of her career and in the context of her last interview, reminisces about the course of her life. Emotionally charged, she describes both pleasant and unpleasant events that have marked her in simple but significant ways.

For the first time in her life, she recalls unexpected situations, recalls faces, performances, joyful moments, romantic behaviors, and reveals historical events in a narrative that comes straight from her heart.

Director: George Stamou
Actors: Eleanna Finokalioti, Tasos Karydis
Writer: Tania Harokopou